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family pic

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So I promised you Here that I would do a post on marriage and getting married young.. Well beings it is our 15th wedding anniversary I thought today was a good day! I met Tim when I was 15 years old, we got married when I was 16 (closer to 17). Did I "have" to get married? No, but we were in love and I knew this was the man that God had for me, and for whom I had prayed  since I was 12 years old. (I would pray every night that God would be with my future husband) If I wouldn't have gotten married then what would I have done? Finished school, continued working, maybe gotten into trouble? Is that better than marriage and being a mommy? I think not, atleast not for me.. Everybody is different and has different gifts, right? Well I believe mine is being a wife and mother.. Does this mean every girl should get married young? No it does not! We need to be open to what God has planned for us and follow His will not our own. So therefore I believe it is wrong to put an age limit on marriage, be it 17 or 25! We shouldn't push our kids to marry nor forbid them to. I have often heard that if you get married young, you don't have a chance to grow up. Excuse me, but you DON'T grow up until you marry!! Here you are living your life for yourself and one day you are married. Well you have to start thinking of the other person and giving of yourself now, and age has nothing to do with it. Sometimes I think the older you are, the harder it is for you to give up certain things as you are so used to only thinking of yourself! Do I regret getting married young and 5 years later having four babies? Not for a minute!!! It wasn't easy I tell you, but through all of our trials and losses, we have come out more in love than ever! The main thing is that we keep God at the center of our marriage.. That is one thing I stress to newlyweds, that marriage takes three!! It probably does help that I have such an easygoing man! :) He balances out my fiestiness! Or maybe we balance each other out!! :) Whatever the case may be, I wanted to share my thoughts with you, and so I have!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dogs and Fireworks...

This is Trigger..Say hi to Trigger, everybody! :) He is a very friendly, loyal dog.. But he has a problem and it's called FIREWORKS!! Also thunderstorms and loud gunshots, but today we are going to talk about his problem with fireworks and why Momma has been so mad at the neighbors lately... 3rd of July (what? yes 3rd!) some neighbors were blowing off fireworks and Trigger takes off, he goes to a house down the road and the animal control officer picks him up... We get him home Monday morning the 4th.. That evening we were gone to the town celebration and he runs off again.. Note: he has a wireless fence that keeps (or is supposed to) him in the yard.. Tha dog catcher brings him home again... Then on the 5th was our veterans program w/ a fireworks show after..well this is just down the road and so we put Trig in the barn...A nice, big, safe barn.. With lots of water, his food, etc... When Tyrel goes out to his room after we get home he finds that Trigger had gone through a glass door!! (yes, glass!)  thankfully he only had a scrape on his paw... The next night he gets away again and gets picked up by the dog catcher (come to find out his battery was missing from his collar, a faulty one, I believe) This time the man is getting a little upset w/ us as am I with the whole situation!! He said he might start fining us.. We need to lock up Trigger, chain him, etc.. I was like ya then he will just strangle himself! It's not like we hadn't been trying to keep him calm and safe.. I was not happy at all with all of the fireworks going off, day or night.. How do you plan for that? Then Saturday night we went to my parents for a campfire and to roast marshmallows, and we decided we better put Trigger in the barn to be safe.. After all the glass was cleaned up and there was no more doors to go through in there.. Sunday morning we discovered that ya, he could still get hurt! This is what happened:
He somehow got on top off some bins and tried climbing out the window, well he sliced up his front legs pretty good and got a small cut on his nose.. Tim and the kids got him cleaned up and bandaged, but that only lasted a couple of days.. Now tell me, what are we supposed to do with a dog that freaks out so bad? We can't stay home all the time and let him lay on Laban's bed.. (that's where he heads when he comes in the house in a panic).. Poor dog, I think he is getting anxiety over the whole deal.. Why can't people just blow off fireworks on the 4th? and do they have to do it day and night? It's hard to know when to be there for the dog and if we can ever go anywhere.. I know it is their right to blow off fireworks, but why oh why do they have to do it all week long? I am beside myself with what to do for our poor dog, my brain is frazzled and I just can't deal with it all right now! Thankfully the fireworks seemed to have stopped and he is doing fine..knock on wood!!  Maybe reading this will help somebody think... And now that I have that off my chest, I will get back to my day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Miracle..

And so I guess it is time to tell you all our "other" big news.. We are expecting another miracle in January.. I am now 12 weeks along and feeling better than I was for awhile.. Although I never did take a pregnancy test.. LOL I haven't taken one since my 4th miscarriage... So I am either pregnant or have some other strange malady! :) I am going to the doctors this afternoon to get set up on our health insurance, and have my blood drawn to "prove" that I am pregnant.. As if the nausea, tiredness, crankiness, and stretching pains aren't proof enough! I am hoping to have all of my preliminary care taken care of (like my play on words? neither did I, oh well) before we move.. You know, pap, bloodwork, ultrasound, all the fun stuff.. Well the only fun stuff there is the ultrasound, which will be great to see!! I am not big on needles or physicals, bleh!! It will be a relief to have it done tho, that way once we move, I won't feel so rushed to get in somewhere. I will be about 20 weeks when we move, which I think is the best time. I won't be sick anymore, won't be to uncomfortable, and won't have a tiny baby to worry about.. So now that you know I will let you get back to your Monday!! Oh, joy how fun!! :)

 You never know, we might just have another little girl, but then again maybe not.. And I am fine w/ either, I would take another Little Man!! :)