family pic

family pic

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Whose Business is it Anyway?

   Sitting in the doctors office and the question comes up,  "How many more times do you want to do this?" My eyes filled with tears and I choked out "I don't know".... For the first time in my 19 years of motherhood my  answer was not "At least once more!".. I have always, always wanted more babies, but this pregnancy with all of it's issues, has definitely taken it's toll on me. (Plus the matter might be completely out of my hands, but I will post more about that on another day.) So it's something that has been on my mind and heart lately. 
    Honestly I have never, that I remember, had any negative comments from the general public about the size of my family. I feel almost that I have negative attitudes more from the Christian family. Not in so many words, but attitudes. I know when I was going through my miscarriages some thought I should do something to prevent pregnancy. And I feel there are others thinking, with all the issues of this time, we should have not had so many kids. Then on the other side I feel like people are thinking because a person decides to be done that they are playing God. All of us have our opinion on the matter and can say what we think, but until it comes down to a personal decision for yourself then you really can't know. Seriously, whose business is it anyway?! I say, nobody's!!! It is between a husband, wife, and God how many kids they will have! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Konner is 3!!

 *****This post is almost a year old so we will be having a 4th birthday soon! I could not get the pictures to upload then and figured some of the stuff was so cute so still wanted to share!*****

  Konner turned 3 on the 16th and our church's annual meeting is always the same weekend so I did his party on Sunday the 18th..
   With his birthday so close to Christmas I sometimes don't feel like putting much thought into his party or even what to buy him.. I know, there is no rule that says you have to do a themed party, but it is something I typically enjoy doing. B's birthday is in April so I am always getting ideas and excited about his. If I do it for one I should do it for the other(s now that Chase will be having birthdays!)
  Anyway, I was laying in bed one morning and thought why not just do a winter theme with blue and white?! Easy enough.. then I thought of the movie "Frozen" which my littles like and the idea for my party favors came to be. And guess what? I went on Pinterest and saw my idea on there. HA!! I came up with it by myself! LOL So we had a simple Olaf birthday party, he had fun and I didn't stress too much. As my sister told me when I text her and grumbled about forgetting to make the jello jigglers: "Let it Go, Let it Go!" So I did.. And here are a few pictures:

Fun in the Snow...

We wanted to find some snow to 4-by in and let the kids play. So the day after Christmas a group of us all packed up our snow gear, kids, thermoses full of coffee, hot dogs, etc and off we went. Being used to the west side of the state and finding many places to wander we were in for a surprise. With roads closed and not ever having been in the snow up in the hills here it made for a long day! We did lots of turning around and driving until finally we just decided to stop and build a fire. The kids played and the guys had fun trying (and succeeding) on getting their rigs stuck a time or two! It ended up being a long, but fun day! Making memories with the family is what it's all about!!

The cutest snow baby!!

Our Group.. or most, Jacob was off to my left stuck in the ditch!!