family pic

family pic

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Konner is 3!!

 *****This post is almost a year old so we will be having a 4th birthday soon! I could not get the pictures to upload then and figured some of the stuff was so cute so still wanted to share!*****

  Konner turned 3 on the 16th and our church's annual meeting is always the same weekend so I did his party on Sunday the 18th..
   With his birthday so close to Christmas I sometimes don't feel like putting much thought into his party or even what to buy him.. I know, there is no rule that says you have to do a themed party, but it is something I typically enjoy doing. B's birthday is in April so I am always getting ideas and excited about his. If I do it for one I should do it for the other(s now that Chase will be having birthdays!)
  Anyway, I was laying in bed one morning and thought why not just do a winter theme with blue and white?! Easy enough.. then I thought of the movie "Frozen" which my littles like and the idea for my party favors came to be. And guess what? I went on Pinterest and saw my idea on there. HA!! I came up with it by myself! LOL So we had a simple Olaf birthday party, he had fun and I didn't stress too much. As my sister told me when I text her and grumbled about forgetting to make the jello jigglers: "Let it Go, Let it Go!" So I did.. And here are a few pictures:


  1. Birthday parties for little kids are so much fun!:) I miss those days! Maybe someday I will be helping plan grandbabies birthdays ;)