family pic

family pic

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Christmas'

Last weekend we headed down to the west (A.K.A. wet) side of the state to spend Christmas with family. Saturday we spent the day with the Washington Stenersen's and on Christmas Eve we had the West family Christmas. We came home on Christmas Day so haven't even had our Christmas yet, that will be on Saturday! My two youngest came down with colds and are miserable, I am hoping they feel better by Saturday so they can enjoy their gifts! I will share a few pictures before I go and rock my baby boy!

Konner Lee

Pretty in Pink! I forgot his cup and a bib so we had to borrow some.. :)

Jamen and Brandt waiting to open gifts

He is a whirlwind of activity..always grabbing everything!!

the boys

the girls
Cambree, Sabra, and Ariel sang for us..
our "baskets" for the exchange!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hello, All

Wow, it has been so long since I actually posted I am not sure I remember how... We were without internet for a few months so that really didn't help matters at all. So really not sure what I am supposed to say!! I seem to be more busy with two little guys and always seem to run out of time in my day. I have been dreaming of starting a little side business of making goodies. It all started when I had offered to make some caramel apples for a friend... I made them and then decided to see if anybody was interested in buying any. It was a hit, so when I made my Christmas goodies I offered to sell some of those and made a little bit of money. I would like to get my food handlers lisence so I can broaden my customer base, So far it has just been family and friends! That along with my regular Christmas baking, shopping, and wrapping gifts has kept me quite busy. Not to mention a little fiery strawberry blonde 11 month old who cannot stay still for one minute. It's no wonder I feel like my life is crammed!

A few pictures of my creations:

The apple that started it all..

My goody towers

My chocolates

Not sure if anything will come of my "creations", but hey it is fun to dream and I enjoy doing it! Well... I will hopefully update soon, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!

Our Family in Rhyme

It’s that time of year, family and friends
It’s Christmas and now I pick up my pen
To tell you all that we have done
Laughing, loving, growing, and who we’ve become

Tyrel, he is fifteen now
In the 10th grade and learning how
To spread his wings, fly across country alone
Driving a car, my how he has grown!

Kirsten, our only girl, is fourteen
Helps mom out with the babies, or to cook and clean
She loves to draw, read, and sketch
Someday she’ll make some guy, quite a catch!

Laban is twelve, soon to be thirteen
Will half our kids really be teens?
He is a good worker, steady and true
When you need help, you know he’ll do!

Shiloh James, at eleven
Is a blessing, straight from heaven
Looking out for his little brothers
For help with them, there is no other!

Brandt Matthew at two and a half
Always seems to make us laugh
With his imagination and play
A giggle and smile to brighten our day!

Konner, born in January, our baby boy
Brings to us so much joy
But watch out, for his hair has a touch of red
And when you make him mad, don’t forget what I said!

Now as for Tim and I, it’s been 16 years
We have come through many happy times and some tears
But each new day is a blessing from above
As we grow daily, more in love

Now as I close this little poem
Remember you are never alone
For the great God,  we serve and love
Is always with you sending  peace from above

And as this year draws to a close
I ask His blessing on all of those
Who are all our family and friends,
Of whom there seems to be no end!

(with family)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tim's Birthday Outing...

Last Saturday was My Man's birthday so beings he loves being out on the water I planned a day of boating with just our little (?) family... We had been busy for awhile now and it seemed like we didn't get much time to be a family, so a few weeks before his birthday, I told Tim what I had planned. The day dawned a little cloudy and stormy so we didn't end up leaving until after lunch, but it was great anyway. We all did some swimming off the boat, the kids got to go tubing, and Tim trolled a little with his fishing pole... Our supper was hot dogs barbecued on the boat!  It ended up being a fun and relaxing day, just what we all needed!! Now for some picures:

Birthday Boy

Laban, Kirsten, and Brandt

boating is tiring

His sleeping spot..towels hanging above to shade him!

playing on the tube
Love his grin!!

Shiloh and Laban

boys swimming...Shiloh, Tyrel, and Laban

BBQing hot dogs

My only girl with Little Man

eating supper
the candle wouldn't stay lit... oh well it was a great day anyway

my eldest

 with my "cool" pepsi bottle!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Rig

So a few months ago we started having issues with our rig.. Occassional bucking and loss of power.. Well we just kinda dealt with it.. Then a few weeks ago I went to leave and it wouldn't start.. The battery was dead.. Tim got it charged later, but then that weekend I went to head out again and the same thing.. Tyrel got it charged and so we were able to leave.. On the way home one day Tim stopped and had it tested.. the results came back that the battery and alternater were fine.. So Tim started googling possible reasons for that.. Looked like something was draining the battery so he tried all different things, unplugging this and that.. Still would be dead when we would try to start it.. I had to cancel a few things because of it, so I have been getting very frustrated!! Plus the bucking etc. was getting worse and worse.. So on Wednesday Tim got home from work early so he decided to bring it in to get a full diagnostics of it.. Weeelllllll...... they said the battery was completely gone (goes to show you can't always trust a first opinion) and it needed a tune up.. Tim bought the parts and changed them that evening.. Thursday we were able to pull the boat to the water and it was nice!! Such a relief to have it fixed (knock on wood..gonna take awhile for me to fully believe it's fine) and with 193,000 miles on it, it is sure nice that all that was wrong was the need for a tune up!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful.. Beautiful couple, beautiful setting, and yummy food!! The weather was a little on the warm side, but that is better than rain by far!! The only thing bad about the weekend was having issues with our rig, but I think we may have got that fixed, YAY!!! Anyway here are a few pictures of the wedding:

My Man and my baby!

Flower girl and ringbearer or
as Ella (flower girl) said "princess and prince"

The brides family -1
(my man is  the back right!)

mother with her daughters

bride with her brothers.. I snapped it right when Jen said "done"

Our family (can't wait to see the one's Jen took)

the arbor

The bride and her father

Sunset from Windy Ridge

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Summer

This summer has been so busy already.. The past couple of weekends have had something going on and this weekend we get to head to the other side of the state for a wedding! Two weekends ago, Tyrel and Kirsten were both confirmed along with their cousin Garrett..Then on Sunday Konner was baptized.. So I will share a couple photos with you!

Garrett, Kirsten, and Tyrel

Us with our two oldest!!

Little Man checking out the river!!

Konner dressed for his baptism

Us with our baby boy

Craig and Tsasa stood for him (my brother, Marlon is his other sponsor)

All happy, now that he cooled down! It was a hot day!!

I will try post more later!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last weekend we took the kids camping. The first time in years and despite some unfortunate events we had a fun time.. First of all we needed a new tent so Tim decided it would be better to get two small tents instead of one big one. Well.... they seemed bigger when we measured out the measurements on the floor, but they weren't very big at all.. So after a bit we got our sleeping arrangements figured out: Kirsten and Brandt in one, Tim, Konner, and I in the other, and the boys all slept with Chad & Anya's boys in their tent.. Friday we enjoyed some time relaxing around the fire and then crawled in to our tent for the night.. Then the rains came down!! I lay on the hard ground thinking how our chairs and everything was getting slopping wet!! I could not get comfortable at all, been waaaay to long since I slept on the ground.. Needless to say, next time I will have an airmattress!!! Saturday morning we crawled out to clearing skies so I was happy about that.. We all faired ok, our tent got a little wet around the edges, but the worst was Kirsten and Brandt's tent.. The wind whipped the rain up under the rain fly and poor Little Man woke up soaking wet, so he snuggled with me for awhile until he warmed up.. Saturday we had company come for the day and boy oh boy did we have a scare!!!! Avoni and Brandt went off to play in the sand by our tent, or so we thought. I asked "Where is Brandt?" so Kirsten went to check on him..She looked toward the water and saw his orange shirt by the dock.. They had headed to the water!! (this was the second time Avoni had done that) Talk about shake you up!!!! That is one of my biggest fears.. I do NOT like the combination of kids and water!! They definitely had lots of angels looking out for them.. Kirsten said she wouldn't have seen them except Brandt had an orange shirt on, and their was a girl by the dock who would not let them on.. Sooooo thankful for her, was hoping to say thank you, but I didn't know who it was (Kirsten told me about it, but she couldn't remember who it was either) Just am thanking God for his protection of my Little Man!! In spite of that we were able to enjoy the rest of our time, had fun sitting around the campfire playing telephone! :) Saturday night we all slept better, no rain and Travis and Sonja brought a twin airmattress so Konner and I had a softer bed!! We came home on Sunday and are hoping to go camping again this summer!! Some pictures of our camping trip:
sunset from our campsite

the boys coming in to shore

Tired baby

playing "sergeant" with Brandt


Little Man
Brandt, Aerro, and Avoni checking out the fish Travis caught


My sweetpea!

the boys on the dock!!