family pic

family pic

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Summer

This summer has been so busy already.. The past couple of weekends have had something going on and this weekend we get to head to the other side of the state for a wedding! Two weekends ago, Tyrel and Kirsten were both confirmed along with their cousin Garrett..Then on Sunday Konner was baptized.. So I will share a couple photos with you!

Garrett, Kirsten, and Tyrel

Us with our two oldest!!

Little Man checking out the river!!

Konner dressed for his baptism

Us with our baby boy

Craig and Tsasa stood for him (my brother, Marlon is his other sponsor)

All happy, now that he cooled down! It was a hot day!!

I will try post more later!!


  1. All the pictures are nice! I especially like the one of Konner without clothes. He looks so cuddly!

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  3. Enjoyed the pictures! Konner sure looks cuddly! Hopefully we get to say hi to this weekend..;)

  4. hi to you* what the rip...I keep missing words..LOL

  5. Cute pictures! Looks like a busy, blessed summer so far.