family pic

family pic

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful.. Beautiful couple, beautiful setting, and yummy food!! The weather was a little on the warm side, but that is better than rain by far!! The only thing bad about the weekend was having issues with our rig, but I think we may have got that fixed, YAY!!! Anyway here are a few pictures of the wedding:

My Man and my baby!

Flower girl and ringbearer or
as Ella (flower girl) said "princess and prince"

The brides family -1
(my man is  the back right!)

mother with her daughters

bride with her brothers.. I snapped it right when Jen said "done"

Our family (can't wait to see the one's Jen took)

the arbor

The bride and her father

Sunset from Windy Ridge


  1. The weather ended up being awesome for a never know how much rain we will get in July. Your family photo turned out cute!...Jean and her girls are all so pretty:)

  2. Enjoyed! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. All the pictures are gorgous! I bet you were glad to miss the 107* weather where you live,hey? Been hot here too, mid to upper 90's.

  4. Cute pics...I agree, everything was beautiful!