family pic

family pic

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tim's Birthday Outing...

Last Saturday was My Man's birthday so beings he loves being out on the water I planned a day of boating with just our little (?) family... We had been busy for awhile now and it seemed like we didn't get much time to be a family, so a few weeks before his birthday, I told Tim what I had planned. The day dawned a little cloudy and stormy so we didn't end up leaving until after lunch, but it was great anyway. We all did some swimming off the boat, the kids got to go tubing, and Tim trolled a little with his fishing pole... Our supper was hot dogs barbecued on the boat!  It ended up being a fun and relaxing day, just what we all needed!! Now for some picures:

Birthday Boy

Laban, Kirsten, and Brandt

boating is tiring

His sleeping spot..towels hanging above to shade him!

playing on the tube
Love his grin!!

Shiloh and Laban

boys swimming...Shiloh, Tyrel, and Laban

BBQing hot dogs

My only girl with Little Man

eating supper
the candle wouldn't stay lit... oh well it was a great day anyway

my eldest

 with my "cool" pepsi bottle!!


  1. Fun,Fun! Wish we could've visited some today. Oh well, maybe next trip up.