family pic

family pic

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

34 Weeks and Counting!

  I guess I should post a pregnancy update for those that may be wondering how it is all going. 
  At 32 weeks I had an MRI looking to see if the placenta was indeed growing in to the uterus. Well the results came back good for that, it doesn't show any invasion! Although I have heard of the results showing nothing and then during delivery finding out that there was actually something going on after all. So I will relax more once baby is delivered safely. 
  I still have cpp (complete placenta previa) so am scheduled to deliver at 37 weeks, just over two weeks away! So would love your prayers that all will go well! My OB says we are still going to have blood and blood products on hand and ready in the event they are needed. That makes me feel so much better about it all. It was such a relief to hear him say that, I seriously almost cried, as that is my big fear! I may have to go in early to have my blood drawn to be typed and matched (or whatever it's called) since I have the big E antibody and he didn't know if that would be a problem.
  I have been having bio physical profile ultrasounds weekly as baby is on the small side, but so far the little love is doing everything right. I do have one more growth ultrasound to check the growth next week. I think it will be my 12th ultrasound this pregnancy! So there you have it, my crazy life lately! 

The little love, 34 weeks 4 days. . And in case you are wondering, the thing on the left is baby's leg. Yup, leg, this little one is a contortionist it seems! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Farm...

In the past month and a half we have added quite a few critters to our little "farm"... We now have a new puppy, 3 sheep, a calf, a very pregnant cat, and still have the chickens we had before!! So it's safe to say we have expanded quite a bit!! A few pictures of our new additions..
Brutus or Bruno, depends who you ask!

One of the sheep (or beep if it's Chase talking) and Astrid our new pup!

Chase is loving the animals and I think going to be a little farmer.. One evening he was herding the sheep towards the shelter and saying "nu night beep, nu night beep" after checking their teeth out!! 

Brandt Turns 6!!

Has it really been six years since we welcomed our Little Man? And here we are with baby number 8 soon to be born.... 
With placenta previa and moderate restrictions, this year I decided to order a cake instead of doing my own. While we all missed the cupcakes I usually do, the prep work was way more relaxing!! Kirsten did a lot so I felt rather lazy which I guess is what I am supposed to be doing anyway, being lazy! Brandt loves animals and wanted an animal theme so the cake I ordered from a friend of a friend was a woodland animal theme. Here are some pictures:


Birthday Boy...