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family pic

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!

Our Family in Rhyme

It’s that time of year, family and friends
It’s Christmas and now I pick up my pen
To tell you all that we have done
Laughing, loving, growing, and who we’ve become

Tyrel, he is fifteen now
In the 10th grade and learning how
To spread his wings, fly across country alone
Driving a car, my how he has grown!

Kirsten, our only girl, is fourteen
Helps mom out with the babies, or to cook and clean
She loves to draw, read, and sketch
Someday she’ll make some guy, quite a catch!

Laban is twelve, soon to be thirteen
Will half our kids really be teens?
He is a good worker, steady and true
When you need help, you know he’ll do!

Shiloh James, at eleven
Is a blessing, straight from heaven
Looking out for his little brothers
For help with them, there is no other!

Brandt Matthew at two and a half
Always seems to make us laugh
With his imagination and play
A giggle and smile to brighten our day!

Konner, born in January, our baby boy
Brings to us so much joy
But watch out, for his hair has a touch of red
And when you make him mad, don’t forget what I said!

Now as for Tim and I, it’s been 16 years
We have come through many happy times and some tears
But each new day is a blessing from above
As we grow daily, more in love

Now as I close this little poem
Remember you are never alone
For the great God,  we serve and love
Is always with you sending  peace from above

And as this year draws to a close
I ask His blessing on all of those
Who are all our family and friends,
Of whom there seems to be no end!

(with family)

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  1. That's a neat way to share how you've been all year!