family pic

family pic

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last weekend we took the kids camping. The first time in years and despite some unfortunate events we had a fun time.. First of all we needed a new tent so Tim decided it would be better to get two small tents instead of one big one. Well.... they seemed bigger when we measured out the measurements on the floor, but they weren't very big at all.. So after a bit we got our sleeping arrangements figured out: Kirsten and Brandt in one, Tim, Konner, and I in the other, and the boys all slept with Chad & Anya's boys in their tent.. Friday we enjoyed some time relaxing around the fire and then crawled in to our tent for the night.. Then the rains came down!! I lay on the hard ground thinking how our chairs and everything was getting slopping wet!! I could not get comfortable at all, been waaaay to long since I slept on the ground.. Needless to say, next time I will have an airmattress!!! Saturday morning we crawled out to clearing skies so I was happy about that.. We all faired ok, our tent got a little wet around the edges, but the worst was Kirsten and Brandt's tent.. The wind whipped the rain up under the rain fly and poor Little Man woke up soaking wet, so he snuggled with me for awhile until he warmed up.. Saturday we had company come for the day and boy oh boy did we have a scare!!!! Avoni and Brandt went off to play in the sand by our tent, or so we thought. I asked "Where is Brandt?" so Kirsten went to check on him..She looked toward the water and saw his orange shirt by the dock.. They had headed to the water!! (this was the second time Avoni had done that) Talk about shake you up!!!! That is one of my biggest fears.. I do NOT like the combination of kids and water!! They definitely had lots of angels looking out for them.. Kirsten said she wouldn't have seen them except Brandt had an orange shirt on, and their was a girl by the dock who would not let them on.. Sooooo thankful for her, was hoping to say thank you, but I didn't know who it was (Kirsten told me about it, but she couldn't remember who it was either) Just am thanking God for his protection of my Little Man!! In spite of that we were able to enjoy the rest of our time, had fun sitting around the campfire playing telephone! :) Saturday night we all slept better, no rain and Travis and Sonja brought a twin airmattress so Konner and I had a softer bed!! We came home on Sunday and are hoping to go camping again this summer!! Some pictures of our camping trip:
sunset from our campsite

the boys coming in to shore

Tired baby

playing "sergeant" with Brandt


Little Man
Brandt, Aerro, and Avoni checking out the fish Travis caught


My sweetpea!

the boys on the dock!!


  1. Water is scary with toddlers. Bright colors do help, remember dressing mine so I could easily pick them out in all the blond heads. Camping is fabulous family fun, rain and all. It gets better as you get a system figured out. We used to string tarps over our tents and eating area.

  2. Aww!!! Looks so fun!! Miss ya'll like crazy! :( Boo-hoo-hoo!! Ok, I'm done.... For now... ;) We're hoping to go camping sometime this summer too, you're little brother's idea!! (Who would'a thought!) Anyways.. Love you guys!

  3. God surely watches over his children! Glad that little girl was there =)

  4. Sounds enjoyable despite your scare and the rain! I always remember loving camping when I was a kid and camping at the ranch was nice too.

  5. SO glad God took care of your babies when they went "exploring". Babies and water scare me too.

  6. Camping is SO fun! I am hoping to go this summer..some how!:)Glad you guys had fun despite a few set backs.