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family pic

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The house we are living in is not my favorite.. For one it's old (not antique old, just 70's old)and has ugly wallpaper!! When I start missing my old home (and it wasn't even ours, just a rental, but oh I got attached!) I have to remind myself that there were things I didn't like there either.. So I figured I would write down a few thoughts:

I miss my 200 year old home, but I DON'T miss only 1 bathroom

I miss my Viking propane stove that I could fit two cookie sheets side by side in the oven. I DON'T miss having to pay for propane.

I miss the wide plank floors in the house. I DON'T miss the cracks between the planks that cold air would creep up through in the winter!

I miss my walk in closet. I DON'T miss the earwigs.

I miss my HUGE (approx. 600 sq. ft.) living room with built in bookcase and cabinets. I DON'T miss washing all 9 windows in there with the individual glass panes.

I miss Tim's pager going off in the middle of the night. I DON'T miss....hmmm not sure.. I enjoyed when Tim was on the FD.. :)

I miss my 200 year old home. I DON'T miss having to heat it in the winter!!

I miss our dog, Trigger! I DON'T miss the fireworks on Perry Rd. that would go off YEAR round, causing said dog to jump through glass doors and windows.

I miss living so near to many people we know. I DON'T miss coming home to neighborhood boys in the tree in our front yard.

And of course I miss the family and friends we left behind, but am enjoying the family and friends we have here!! And so I shall end my ramblings with this: There will be no perfect place to live until we get to Heaven!!


  1. There is sooo much I miss about home!! I try not to dwell on it because i seriously could just bawl... But I'm thankful we have a place to call home, not a trailer either, my kiddos see their Dad EVERY day, I get my husband EVERY day and my husband has steady work. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this. I have a lot I miss about my old home too.I have a lot I don't Miss also :). You're right; no place here on earth will be perfect. Heaven is the perfect home and it will be nice to someday lay our burdens we have here down and go there!

  3. Oh I could just cry! I miss my own house too! There are so many blessings that have come from living with the in laws, but it seems there are so many burdens too. I think I've romanticized what living in our own house was like though. :) I'm oh-so-greatful for steady work and a place to live, food to eat, all the little things! Bless you, Amanda! God sends us the perfect place for this moment..even if heaven would be ever so much nicer!

  4. Great post! It's always best to put things into perspective... to focus on the "good" of here and now. I miss our home in the country, but there are some benefits to where we live now. We are where we are, right now, for a reason and it'll all work out in the end. :O)

  5. Good post! Seems to have "hit the nail on the head", so to speak, for a lot of people =)

  6. Great post!! :) I enjoyed reading it! It hit home with me...

  7. I'm glad we have 2 bathrooms here and are actually in a house and have central air and don't have to sweat to death all summer or pay $100 in July and January both anymore! I hate that we live so close to busy streets that my kids can't even play outside by themselves though! Good post. :)