family pic

family pic

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fun in the Snow...

We wanted to find some snow to 4-by in and let the kids play. So the day after Christmas a group of us all packed up our snow gear, kids, thermoses full of coffee, hot dogs, etc and off we went. Being used to the west side of the state and finding many places to wander we were in for a surprise. With roads closed and not ever having been in the snow up in the hills here it made for a long day! We did lots of turning around and driving until finally we just decided to stop and build a fire. The kids played and the guys had fun trying (and succeeding) on getting their rigs stuck a time or two! It ended up being a long, but fun day! Making memories with the family is what it's all about!!

The cutest snow baby!!

Our Group.. or most, Jacob was off to my left stuck in the ditch!!