family pic

family pic

Monday, October 10, 2011


hello everybody. i figured i would do a quick update. we left on saturday the 1st of ended up being around 1030 am when we left rindge. the first night we stayed in western pennsylvania.. started out early sunday morning and made it to wisconsin that evening.. monday we stayed in south dakota and then on tuesday we made it a shorter day and stopped in cody wyoming. wednesday was spent mostly in yellowstone park and then we stayed in missoula montana for the night. we arrived on thursday afternoon tired but happy to have made it. i drove over 3000 miles... now we are getting caught up on sleep and school while keeping an eye out for a house. dont mind my misuse of the capitalization rules and all as i am using my new phone to type this and i havent figured it all out yet...


  1. So glad the trip went good! You are a brave lady driving so far:) I freak out at just driving to Dr Hilmans...