family pic

family pic

Monday, February 18, 2013

NH Trip...

Konner and I made a quick trip to NH with Anya to see her dad and also our Uncle Paul. We ended up being gone 12 days which was a little longer than we had planned. Our flight home got delayed a day due to the blizzard we experienced. It was a little harder than I thought since I was the only one Konner knew, so going to the bathroom and showering were not as relaxing as at home. I am thankful I went tho, my Uncle Mike (Anya's dad) is home on hospice. The strongest chemo did not work for him, so he is home until he goes Home! I ask you all to pray, or continue to pray for their family! I was also able to see my grandparents as they had flown up from Florida to see their boys and I am so happy for that! A few (or more) pictures:

Konner in the Denver airport

At the Cheshire Children's Museum.. My sister, Mary is the cashier, Breein is buying some groceries!

I think he likes peppers..

Valerie, Konner, and I "camping"

Chocolate Angel Food cake and strawberry roses!!

At the hospital visiting outside

My goofy brother, Marlon with Rowan

A sick baby (notice the bowl!)

I guess we had a blizzard.. that is my dad's car you see poking out..

the snow on my parent's side deck

The snow.. crazy thing is, the morning before there was not ANY!!

My Grandma, with her baby Jennie , my cousins Melissa and Christie, Konner and I!

The sweetest and most adorable grandparents, EVER!!


  1. I enjoyed the pics! So neat you were able to go out when you did.

  2. Nice pictures! That was nice that you got to go out and see family!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of snow in one night! G&G are sooo cute! Love them. That's neat that you were able to go out there with Anya.