family pic

family pic

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A family Getaway!!

I knew the 9th of March would be a hard day and I didn't want to spend it doing "normal" things.. So one Sunday when Chad and Anya were visiting I told them we should take off for the night with the kids and take them to a cat zoo we had read about. That's exactly what we did!!! Saturday morning we met at their house then headed north to Spokane. After a quick lunch we visited Cat Tales Zoological Park. They have all kinds of wild cats and even a bear. We then headed to our hotel where the kids enjoyed swimming for awhile. After a supper of pizza we went back to the hotel and relaxed. Sunday morning we checked out and went to Cabela's just over the Idaho border (didn't get any pictures on my camera from there tho!!) We had lunch at Red Robin and then headed home. It was a much needed mini vacation for all! And now for a few pictures!! :)
Lion.. still a baby, only 2 years old!!

Looking at the lion


Leopard.. I found it funny that this leopard is the same age as Tyrel (aprox) and the huge lion is the same age as Konner!!

Checking out the cats..




One of his favorite things there!! LOL

Some Goofy Boys!! :)

Momma and Konner Lee


Littles enjoying swimming!!


  1. I thought of everyone with prayer on that day and on the day Gramma K passed away...I'm glad you guys found something to help pass the day.

  2. Looks and Sounds like a very nice way to spend the day! :)