family pic

family pic

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our House....

I had promised Elisa a blog post with pictures of our house... I know, I know we have lived here almost 5 months, but beings we moved in December and everything looked dead I wanted to wait. Our trees aren't cpmpletely green yet, but they are looking better.I wanted to get the pictures taken and do it after cleaning day so my house would be clean.. Or as clean as a small house can be with two adults, two toddlers, a tween, and three teens can be. BTW what is with all these names? They are all messy and have their challenges, which maybe is a topic for another day.. So without further ado, some pictures!:

Our house!!

These are our walnut trees, the trees you see farther back is the cherry orchard that surrounds us on three sides!!

Laundry room, I couldn't get a good angle tho. The door is coming from the side of the house.. The opening on the right, by the coats is the stairs to the basement, the window opening overlooks the stairs..

Toddler's side of my room!!

My side of the bedroom...
Living/dining area
Kitchen, looking from the laundry room.. counter on the left is the one between the kitchen and dining area.. door straight ahead is my bedroom.

Kirsten's room

One angle of the boys room..

Boy's room from their door..

The older kids rooms are downstairs where there is only 6ft. 2in. celings.. Makes us short people feel tall!! Their floors are bare concrete as the previous owners had to rip it out due to renters leaving a sprinkler going too close to the house (for a week, while on vacation!!) We figured since we will be adding on and remodeling there was no hurry in replacing it now..

P.S. Don't mind the mess in the boys room, please!!


  1. Mess in the boys' room? What mess?! Haha, I love your little house, it looks so cozy!

    1. I noticed they had clothes stuffed under the bed... :p

  2. Your new home is very cute! It looks cozy! (yup, I am crazy cause I dream of a lil house) I am happy for you guys!! :) THANKS for sharing for me! Been waiting ;)

  3. Cute! It's nice to see where you make your home.

  4. Nice! I am sure its fun thinking of how you will remodel/add on.. , love the nice land.

  5. It looks like a very nice cozy place.