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family pic

Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Tidbits From My Hospital Stay!

  1.I was laying there on the operating table and went to look from left to right when I glanced up and saw a sight I have never seen before! In the reflection of the OR lights I could see them working on me!!! I think I may have even saw my uterus at one point in my side to side view change. Not exactly what I wanted to see!! (Maybe the table was positioned just "right"?) 
   2. Abdominal binder, I swear by those things!! With Shiloh, my first c-section, I didn't have one and it hurt to cough etc when he was three weeks old! With Brandt in Peterborough (best birth experience EVER, tho Chase's was a close second) they gave me one automatically, and at two weeks I sneezed and didn't feel it!! This was standing up too! So with Konner and Chase I asked for one... A plus to the binder? It makes you look skinnier! ;) It holds everything all tight so I believe it helps you heal faster! (I have heard of one person not liking them, but me? Would NEVER do without again!)
    3. The hospital bed, love it!! It is so nice to push a button and the head of the bed goes up, another button the foot goes down so it is easier to get out of and go to the bathroom. I know some people don't like them because they get a sore rear. Me? I got more sore sitting on my bed watching a 2 hour movie than I did my whole hospital stay! (Maybe I need a new mattress, hmmm....)
       4. Nurses. I had the best nurse with Chase, she wasn't just my "caretaker", but I feel like I made a friend. We chatted every day about babies, faith, weddings, the best restaurants etc. She had actually lost a baby girl in February and still looked so sad, my heart hurt for her!!
   5.Food!! Tho, the menu options were limited with Chase unlike Konner, it was still awesome to be able to pick up the phone and order food for myself and Tim (his cost money, but it wasn't a bad price at all!) My favorite was the triple berry muffin!!
   6. Pokes and prods! I know that is the biggest reason some people don't like hospitals. Honestly I don't mind, that way I knew I wasn't dying! LOL.. After the first day/night they really didn't bother me much and in fact I TOLD the nurse to come in at night and tell me when it was time for my pain meds. I did not want to go through what I did with Konner and be without anything for over an hour. Then, it hurt so bad I cried, but the crying made it hurt worse, so that was not fun!!
   7. No pressure to cook/clean or anything. I love being able to just lay there and not have to think of anything but my baby. When I am home I can't get out of mommy/housewife mode. If something is out of place or needs to be cleaned it bothers me. So being in the hospital I didn't have to deal with any housework pressure. (Tim says I don't know how to be sick after watching me once try to straighten up when being miserable with the stomach flu! I think he is on to something there!) So in all honestly a hospital birth for me is almost a mini vacation where all I have to do is take care of and bond with my baby! And really what option do I have when I have c-sections? ;)
   I know there are people who would disagree with me, but that's fine! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine! :) 


  1. I did enjoy the hospital stay with Jubal more than my other hospital births, and only having baby and muself to think about for that full 24hours that I was there. But, after the stress with Abigail, I figured that was why. :) Still like my own house better, especially if Elisa takes my kids for a day after I have baby. :) We didn't have the kids leave at all when Cyrene was born, and it was stressful the first couple of days (the actual birth was great and the other kids slept through it). :p I know there are pros to hospital births. :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good experience. Where ever God puts us is a good place to be. I try to pray for wisdom and peace with whatever his will is.