family pic

family pic

Monday, May 16, 2016

Kaaren Sue!

  Friday, May 13th at 37 weeks we were ready to meet baby number 8, the one who would complete our family. Surgery was scheduled for 12:30 in the main OR so we headed out to be there 2 hours early. We arrived, got checked in and prepped. It all went well especially since I declined the Reglan so my anxiety was no worse than normal. The spinal went in great and the anesthesiologist did an awesome job. Finally it was time to find out who baby was!! 
  My heart was pounding as they pushed on my abdomen to get that baby out. When I heard the words "it's a baby girl" I was so overcome with emotion and could not stop crying. I just thanked Jesus over and over while I was laying there and they were finishing up. 
Meeting my angel! 

  I was in the PACU for awhile and then sent back to my room. Once in there we attempted feeding, but it wasn't going to well so I was just dozing with my little lady. All of a sudden I jerked awake in a panic. The room started spinning and closing in on me. I pushed the nurse call button, but nobody was coming so I hollered at Tim to get someone as I was dying. All of a sudden the room was full of people and by then I was drenched in sweat. They couldn't get a blood pressure reading at all. The doctor grabbed an ultrasound machine and found lots of fluid in my abdomen which he was suspicious about it being blood. So off to the OR I was rushed. They went in through the same incision and found me full of blood. I lost pretty much all my bodies blood and was given 4 units in the operating room along with one unit of platelets. They found the source of bleeding which was a blood vessel that kept pulsing so each time my heart beat blood would pump into my abdomen. They got that sewed up and all the other oozing spots they stitched. The doctor said I was so full of scar tissue and that our decision to be done having babies was the best we could make! 
  I was sent to ICU where I would stay for the night and most of Saturday. Tim was able to stay with Kaaren in my room in the maternity ward so that made me feel better. I received a unit of plasma and two additional units of blood while in the ICU and that really helped to perk me up again! As of now I am still in the hospital and will be going home tomorrow. Kaaren is perfect but tiny weighing in at 5 lbs. 11.6 oz. and 18.5 inches long. She passed all the tests they had for her so could actually go home but will stay with me as my guest. 
  This was definitely not the way I thought our birth story would be and am so glad for the doctor that prepared for the worst. If he hadn't it could have ended a lot worse. I thank God for my doctor and the whole team that took care of me! On top of having major surgery twice I now have to recover from blood loss and transfusions so would love if you would all keep us in your prayers. And thanks to those that have been praying! 

In ICU, alive! 

Life giving blood

Finally made it back to the maternity ward!

Sweet sweet baby girl! 

Bruises... I don't even know when they did anything here...

She had her eyes open! 


  1. Praise God that you're ok--and praise God for your perfect little girl!

  2. Now that was a few scary hours!! We are thanking God all ended well! Kaaren sure is a cutie!! I can see Kaylee in her in the picture with her eyes open. :)

  3. Yeah, that was scary! So glad you're both home safe and healthy! Thank God! She's a keeper! ;-)