family pic

family pic

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Unwelcome Guest...

So last week I had just gone back to bed after getting Tim's breakfast. He had gone out to start the pickup then comes back in and asks "what do you do about skunks?" What? The weather had warmed up a little so the animals decided to come out and a skunk decided he wanted to move into our garage! Oh boy... Tim had to leave for work and so when the kids got up, I sent Tyrel out to see if he was still there... Yup, he is!! Kids left for school and I am hoping he will just leave already tho the dog must be making him nervous... So after awhile I go out and peek.. No skunk! Yay, I go about my day and get ready to leave. I was going to pick up lunch and bring it over to my aunts house.. Well I thought Brandt smelled so I checked his diaper and sure enough!! Headed to the bedroom to change him and as I walked into the dining room I smelled skunk.. Oh no it sprayed!! I went to look out the window and let out a shreak.... there he was:
Mr Stinky himself... right in front of the door I needed to go out of! I scared Brandt when I screeched and so had to calm him down by talking about the "skunky"!  What to do, what to do? The skunk was petrified and kept backing up looking for somewhere to hide from the big bad dog!  So I went and hollered for the dog and got him in the back room... We watched out the window and pretty soon the skunk waddled off around the snowbank... Ok we can leave now! We got ready, let the dog out, and headed out the door... I thought I heard something so leaned down and peeked in the doghouse.. Well the skunk was sitting there staring back at me.. Oh ya I ran!! He was gone when we came back later, but appeared again yesterday... He is not a problem anymore, tho the barn smells nasty!!!


  1. haha! Life has to have some entertainment or we'd get bored =)