family pic

family pic

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Night Away

Tim and I hadn't gone away since before Brandt was born... So last weekend we went away for a night (with Brandt, of course) and it was fun... We ate out and did some shopping.. On Saturday we went to Cabela's and boy was it fun watching Brandt. He squealed, screached, laughed, kicked, and giggled at all the animals.. I think he made all the people in the store smile.. can we just say, he loves animals? Of course I forgot my camera in the motel room! I did get some pics in our room tho...

sharing a kiss w/ Mommy!(I didn't take this pic.. hehe)

Little Man

This is what he did the whole time... Climbed out of his pants, dug in everything, pulled books down.. Stood on phonebooks, pulled the phone of the hook, and giggled! Was fun... I love this little guy!

Eating Pizza Hut for supper.. a large, meatlovers, pan pizza for $10!!! Not bad!

Napping w/ Daddy! 

You would think he was our only child w/ all the pics I take of him!

Then on Sunday we went to the mall so Mommy could shop.. Didn't end up getting anything for myself, but little things the older kids needed.. I got Laban a pair of school pants from Old Navy for $5!! Was excited about that.. Anyway we had an enjoyable, much needed time away!


  1. Sounds like a nice time! Cute pics!

  2. Adorable little guy! Sounds like a blast!

  3. Sounds like a enjoyable time..relaxing time:) Brandt is darling...I think Travis and Sonja's Sakari looks like Brandt:)