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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Broken Windshield

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, whether that is good or bad, I do not know.. One of the things I have going on in my head is how what our family (Seppala) is going through right now is like a broken windshield.. See the point of impact? That is Peggy and her family.. the other cracks are all of the rest of us.. We are all hurting at the loss of Uncle Jimmy, some maybe more than others, but each and every one of us has been affected in some way. Whether it be we are shattered, broken, or just weakened, we hurt!! He was such a huge part of the Seppala's and even farther than that. He made an impression on each person he met!! The one thing that we can cling to is, that God will help us through this even if sometimes He feels far away.. He isn't, He is here carrying us through!

And now we are bracing ourselves for the next hit as Uncle Mike is ready to cross over to Heaven's shores.. Please keep our family in your prayers!! I will share a poem with you that I wrote. I know most have seen it already, but I thought I would share it again!

The Faces of Grief

Grief has many faces, this we know ‘tis true
Many feelings and emotions deep inside of you
There’s shock and there’s denial making you want to hide
And pretend that there is no loss way down deep inside

Anger is in there, it simmers and it stews
Bubbling up to the surface in fearsome brews
It makes you want to kick and scream then give in to despair
But God is bigger than this pain and He will meet you there

There’s gut-wrenching aching sorrow that feels it’s here to stay
A broken, shattered, bleeding heart that rips your breath away
And you feel you can’t go on, anymore like this
Until God’s comfort comes in little ways with a soft caress

Then you smile or maybe laugh and guilt comes crashing in
Back to all the other feelings, and it’s ‘round and ‘round again
There is no right way to grieve, this is oh so true
But the one thing you can be sure of is, that God will see you through

Amanda West


  1. This is a very good picture of the way it is. Even I am impacted by his death though I only came to know him as a teenager and only in brief visits. Hugs & prayers! And I like your poem too (I saw it on FB =)

  2. Nice thoughts.Thanks for sharing. Hugs and prayers!