family pic

family pic

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brandt Turns 3!

 Uncle Mike went on to glory on April 8th and his funeral was on the 13th which is Little Man's birthday. I had flown out for the funeral so we postponed the party for a week. Here are a few pictures of his celebration!

Our firetruck theme... We had been planning it forever, but with all that happened didn't end up doing everything. It still turned out cute tho!

Flaming cupcakes!

I tried a new punch recipe, but wasn't too impressed.

The birthday boy with two of his cousins!

Opening gifts, he got his fireman rubber boots. I had been eyeing them for about a year now!!
I didn't feel up to doing favors and found this cute pinata so decided to do that instead! Plus kids love that so it all worked out..