family pic

family pic

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Project Post

I have been tired of looking at the same things on my walls for awhile now so have been getting ideas from Pinterest of DIY decor... Life kind of stopped for awhile with all that has happened in the family, but lately I have been wanting to redo EVERYTHING!! A few weeks ago Sonja asked me to do a yard sale with her so I did and got rid of some of my decor (some of which was 10 years old).. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some stuff to try my hand at DIY.. Here are the results:

I bought three canvases and painted them gray

On Pinterest it said to buy a vinyl silhouette or stencil.. Well I wanted more than one color and plus it was cheaper. Soooo... I just freehanded it! The finished product!!

Knowing me, I can't do anything exactly how they say to.. For this project you are supposed to make it into a chalkboard, but I liked this idea better. I had bought this frame at a garage sale years ago and never used it. So I thought it would be perfect for this, and it was!! I glued fabric onto the frame back and Kirsten printed out the words. I put that in the frame and we made the fabric flowers. All we have to do now is every week clean off the glass and write a new verse with a dry erase marker!! I love how this turned out!!

And just to show you that I am still taking care of my babies and not neglecting them for my projects, here we are!! :)

Next up: My dining table and bench redo (hopefully anyway!)