family pic

family pic

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lego Birthday...

I know I just posted the pictures from Konner's last birthday, but now he is 4 and I better get these pictures on or you won't see them until he's almost 5!! Again, having a January birthday, it is so hard to get excited about planning a party. When I am in the midst of baking, making, shopping, and spending I often wonder why I even do this. Do the kids even care, will they even remember? Then I realize that they won't be little forever and this chapter in my life is coming to a close faster than I thought. So I embrace the chaos and after it's all said and done I am glad I do it. Plus the compliments I get for my food don't exactly make me feel bad. ;) On a side note, my older kids can usually figure out what birthday something happened at by remembering what theme we had done...
Konner has really been enjoying Legos and in fact that was one of his Christmas gifts. So when I was browsing Pinterest one day and saw some Lego head pops I knew what I was going to do. So without further ado, some pictures!:

Shiloh and Chase

Fruit!! I love fruit, especially right now!

Yummy food...

Time for candles.. 


And more..

Lego head pops.. Made with a large and small marshmallow dipped in candy coating and the faces put on by my teens.. 


  1. Cute! Happy birthday to Konner!

  2. Happy birthday to Konner! I like your lego theme.

  3. Those are cute Lego heads! I am a bad cook/baker, so you can imagine how much less I enjoy doing parties. ;p