family pic

family pic

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Shoot...

Little Man got a new outfit from Auntie Jen so of course I had to take pictures, and I took ALOT!! They all came out so cute and it was hard to pick ones to share.. Therefore I just decided to do them all (well not quite)... Anyway here they are, and if you want to get your little ones some clothes like his just go Here

The hat, shirt, and pants are all part of the Friday Harbor Collection

These steps are about 200 years old....

The brown jacket isn't EB and I should have worn his little EB denim one, but didn't think about it until later... Oh well! Thanks again, Auntie Jen, I miss you and love you!!!


  1. He is gorgeous, and I love his little outfit! Very nice.

    And what a beautiful setting to take pictures - I love the old steps. Reminds me of a lot of places back home.


  2. Very cute pics! I especially liked the close-up of his face taken outside.