family pic

family pic

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Pictures

And so I am slowly getting pictures uploaded, my computer is being so slow!!

The kiddos in their pjs from Grandpa and Grandma Stenersen.. (Grandma added the writing and material to the shirts and the two youngest's pants)

Scones with Devonshire cream


Working on gingerbread houses and trains


Kirsten's.. her sides wouldn't stay together, so she decided to name it "Hurricane Candy"


Dinner time.. we had homemade grape juice too!!

Baby gets to open the first gift!

Shi got a 3DS

Laban and his new (to him) XBox controller

Kirsten got an atrists sketching set (She had seen this at Hobby Lobby!)
Tyrel and his Nook (my awesome Black Friday deal!)
My gift from my kids.. They had given money for a gift for Tim..well when I went to pick it up one of the things was out of stock so I had to get something I was browsing the book clearance bin I saw this.. I was like "ya right", but figured I would bring it to the checkout to see.. Well it wasn't on clearance, but they gave it to me for that price anyway, and it was the exact amount left of the kids money. When I got home I asked if they wanted their money back or wanted to wrap this for me..You can see what they decided! Happy me!!

Snack time!

Our traditional prune tarts and sugar cookies!

Happy Baby

Little and Big

Stuffed stockings..

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and it didn't take you as long to look at them as it did me to upload them!! :)